Dave MArrs

Dave is a self-taught farmer with a love for community, small family farms and work that gives back. He spent countless hours researching berries, testing soil, meeting with local farmers for advice and guidance, installing irrigation, building the barn and creating the fields. He has poured his whole heart into these fields and loves sharing them with our little corner of the world.


Jenny MArrs

Like her husband, Jenny has a passion for caring for vulnerable children, while empowering communities and families. On a recent trip to Zimbabwe, the seed was planted for how this little berry farm would impact the world. All along, we knew God had a plan for these fields, so we planted in trust, without a roadmap. That trip to Zimbabwe changed everything. In partnership with Help One Now, we will not only provide our Northwest Arkansas community with fresh, locally-grown food but we will teach orphaned children across the globe how to do the same in their own community.


Mini Farmers

Our little ones have spent many of their childhood years in these fields. During the initial planting days, Baby C stayed nestled on momma's back in a baby carrier while her siblings worked right alongside. They've played and laughed and marveled at the work of their own hands blooming in due time. The Berry Farm will always be a sweet part of their childhood!